Berry Heart Shares Health And Fitness Tips.

The beginning of a new year, is normally the time for introspection, resolutions, reflections and generally looking at things from a fresh perspective. Talented poet Berry Heart has also jumped in the bandwagon, and she wants to make this year all about health and fitness. The icing on the cake is that she wants to share all this with her fans.

On her open letter to fans Berry penned this down, “Greetings loved ones and happy new year. I am turning 30 this year on the 19th December and my birthday present to myself is health and beauty. I am generally a fit and health conscious young woman but this year I am compelled to take this a notch higher. I invite you every Wednesday to join me on this page so we discuss health and fitness.”

She continued to add that she will share tips on how to have a flat tummy and flawless skin like hers using natural ingredients in your kitchen. Berry has taken the step to share health and fitness tips with her fans after realizing that sheΒ inspires a lot in this department and would like to teach everyone and also learn from their few pointers on health and fitness.

“On Tuesday next week at 10 am, take yourself a close up and a full body picture, print them and pluck them anywhere you can see it daily. We will do a health and fitness routine the following Wednesday for 7 days. Another set of pictures and a routine follow. Will we spot the difference?” she concluded.

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