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Financing Your Studies

Studying at a tertiary institution is an expensive endeavour which should be carefully planned.

A number of options are available for the payment of your studies at a tertiary institution. These include the following
(i) Own funds
(ii) Bursary
(iii) Loans

(i) Own funds
You or your parents should make provision for your studies.

(ii) Bursaries
A number of role players provide bursaries to prospective students. These include companies, tertiary institutions, and government. Make sure that you apply early as the closing date in most cases is in the middle of the year. See their websites for more information.

Most companies supply bursaries to deserving students. Contact the human resources department of these companies directly for more information. Another option is to visit the company’s website for more information.

Tertiary Institutions
Another option is to contact the tertiary institution that you intend to attend for information about sport and academic bursaries. The university’s financial aid office can provide you with more information about the institutions program. See list of institutions for more information.

(iii) Loans
You can finance your studies by obtaining a loan from a number of sources. One option is to contact a commercial bank for a personal loan.

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