“Government unprepared to deal with new variant” -UDC

The Umbrella for Democratic. Change (UDC) is convinced that the government of Botswana is not ready to deal with the newly detected COVID-19 variant.

Reports suggest that the B.1.1.529 variant also know as Omicron, was first detected in Botswana on the 11th of November 2021. After the four (4) cases were detected in Botswana, other cases would shortly be detected in the neighbouring South Africa.

“The UDC has been following events following the outbreak of the new variant of the COVID 19 virus. Our government’s response has been sluggish as it has always been. The variant that was first discovered in Botswana, was reported by the UK news streams while we knew nothing. When the news reached Botswana, there was panic, confusion and mixed reactions amongst citizens because it took longer than reasonable to get an official statement from our government.

The secrecy around the origin of the virus, its nature and what government is doing to try and curb the further spread of the virus is worrying. It further presents uncertainty in an already battered economy.
Just like at the beginning of the pandemic, government of Botswana is once again caught napping and unprepared to deal effectively with the virus” the UDC said in a press statement.

The UDC is worried that while others countries are busy putting measures in place to protect their citizens from contracting this virus which reports suggest that it spreads very fast, government is once again taking time to respond.

“There is no public education on the new variant. As at yesterday, there were 19 confirmed cases of this new variant in Botswana. The UDC calls upon the government to immediately explain to Botswana the nature of this virus and how it is going to deal with it.” the UDC asserted.

Moreover, the UDC advices the government to consider giving a booster doses to the elderly as the efficacy of the vaccines they took earlier has been weakened with the passage of time, also because they are the most vulnerable group.

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