Kenny Kunene’s New Born’s Pictures Going For R1500, What Do You Think

Businessman Kenny Kunene and his wife Whitney welcomed their baby boy Remo Mokgethwa Kunene on Sunday and the baby is already making money.

After the announcement of “baby billionaire” Remo Mokgethwa Kunene birth on Sunday, a few pictures of the family started circulating on social media.

All the photos bear the trademark of a PR company that has “bought” the exclusive rights to all the snaps. The businessman saidΒ that he was paid a large amount by the company, which he wouldn’t disclose, so that the pictures of his childΒ become

“If you want the pictures you have to get in contact with the PR company that has published the first pictures. The pictures will be paid for and they are going R1,500 per picture,” he said.

An employee of the PR confirmed that the company has exclusive rights to the snaps and they have watermarked them in an attempt to stop the free for all.

What do you think of Kunene’s move, madness or good business idea?



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