Minister Kgafela to Launch E-Commerce Executive commitee

The evolution of technology has tremendously transformed the nature of doing business, from acute reduction of product life circle to agile provision of services. This morning the Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Mmusi Kgafela held a meeting that will launch the National E-Commerce Executive Committee at the Ministry’s headquarters. The purpose of this meeting was to launch the National E-Commerce Executive Committee and to discuss the draft Terms of Reference for the Committee.

The National E-Commerce Strategy aims at leveraging Botswana’s full potential for e-commerce, boost economic growth and socio-economic gains, diversify the economy and raise Botswana’s competitiveness in the global economy, export promotion, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), employment creation and support its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Minister Kgafela acknowledged the growing significance of technology as one of the competitive edge for business growth and development hence the necessitated development of the National E-Commerce Strategy for Botswana.

The Committee is chaired by the Minister of Trade and Industry comprising senior representatives of relevant ministries and other key stakeholders.

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