Money heist robbers arrested

Botswana Police Service has announced that they have apprehended four (4) suspects in connection with the money heist which happened earlier today at Turn Right Mall at Mogoditshane.

In an immediate release, the Botswana Police Service said;
“Botswana Police would like to confirm an incident in which members of the Police Service and G4S security personnel were attacked by robbers at Turn Right Mall in Mogoditshane this morning, and in the process undisclosed amount of money and some firearms stolen.

Following the incident, a quick response from security forces led to the arrest of four suspects being two Batswana and two South Africans who are currently in Police custody.

Three vehicles that are suspected to have been used by robbers, two guns and large sums of money have been recovered.”

It was earlier reported that some Botswana Police Service members who were escorting the G4S van were attacked by the same robbers whom got away with their service firearms, their cellphones, and left them tied in the police car.

In a video which circulated on social media earlier today, the robbers were seen seizing the money from helpless G4S security beside First National Bank Botswana ATM, while a police vehicle was parked a few meters in front of the crime scene.

Another video was then uploaded on social media after some minutes. The video showed Botswana Police Service Special Support Group vehicles in pursuit of the suspects’ car. It is moments after then that a press release was issued announcing that the suspects have been arrested, and all they had seized recovered.

It has became a trend now that cash in transit vans get attacked and robbed. It has happened in a number of occurrences recently that G4S cash in transit vans gets attacked and robbed. The hot topic now is that maybe it is time cash in transit security personnel gets armed.

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