My Successes Are My Glory And My Failures Are My Fault_Mishingo Jeremiah Writes

My successes are my glory and my failures are my fault_Mishingo Jeremiah writes. The lawyer and owner of Jeremiah Attorneys posted on his Facebook account yesterday late afternoon, depicting the differences between himself and non-citizens in accumulating wealth and becoming successful in Botswana. He further pointed out that he is the only person to blame for not making it big despite the free sources he receives from government.

“I fail because im a big spoilt child of my government. The government educated me for free from primary to tertiary.Not so with non citizens. So they learn to tense from the beginning”, he wrote. He went on to list out some of the resources made available by the government in his adult life to to give him a head start at achieving financial freedom. And yet those resources are not put to good use, rather spent on giving the impression of a fancy lifestyle to the common man.

The post gained a lot of attention from local Facebook users who were mostly in agreement with the points he was raising, they too highlighting that Batswana like to complain about everything when the reality is they have been and continue being spoon fed by the government. They even look forward to hearing more from him with regards to the subject.

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