SANCO gives Botswana government 7 days to apologize

The South African Civic Organization (SANCO) has given Botswana government seven (7) days to apologize to South Africa for “false and fabricated allegations” in the ‘Butterfly’ case. The organization announced in their Memorandum of Demands earlier today. The memorandum was presented to Botswana Embassy at Gauteng.

In their Memorandum, the movement demanded that the Botswana government do the seven (7) demands within seven (7) days, failure of which they will take further steps;

  1. The withdrawal of the court action aimed at pursuing the end objectives of the Mutual Legal Assistance which has been nullified in the strongest terms by the court verdict delivered by the esteemed Judge of the Botswana High Court, Judge Dr Zein Kebonang.
  2. The Botswana Government must publicly apologise to the South African Government for concocting “fabricated and false” allegations as basis for an affidavit that has been used against the South African government.
  3. The Botswana Government must apologise to the South African Reserve Bank and all the commercial banks who were falsely accused for aiding illicit money flow through none existent accounts of none existent companies going by the names “Blue Flies” and “Fire Flies”.
  4. That the Botswana Government show what course of action will be taken against the peddlers of the fabricated and false allegations within the various criminal justice system as outlined by the High Court judgment delivered by Judge Dr Zein Kebonang.
  5. That the Botswana Government apologise to the people of South Africa for bringing into disrepute the integrity of their country through fabrications and false charges.
  6. That the Botswana Government must publicly denounce their use of Afri-forum and commit themselves to cutting ties with this right wing organisation.
  7. Furthermore, the Botswana Government must commit itself to utilising due diplomatic channels in any future dealings with the Government of South Africa as opposed to right wing organisations.

SANCO is not happy that even after Judge Dr. Zein Kebonang’s ruling Botswana government has still not dropped the Hundred Billion Pula (P100 billion) money laundering case.

The organization is also not pleased with Botswana government utilizing Afri-Forum for legal services for the case.

“We have observed with extreme disappointment that the government of Botswana’s continue to pursue baseless allegations recently characterised by the Botswana High Court Judge Dr Zein Kebonang as nothing but fabrication and false and that the Botswana continues to utilize the right wing organisation Afri-Forum as their litigation partner in their illogical and bizarre demand for Mutual Legal Assistance even after this scathing judgment on the concoction of lies about the alleged stolen approximately R170 billion from the Botswana Central Bank. We further noted that whilst the government of Botswana knew very well of international avenues that avail to them as diplomatic recourse should they not find joy with their request from the South African government. In this they ignored credible multilateral platforms within the frameworks of the SADC, the African Union and the United Nations. Instead, we have noted that the Botswana government chose to jump into bed with right wing forces as opposed to a plethora of progressive legal formations in South Africa, both black and white.” SANCO noted.

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