Staying On Campus Vs Staying Off Campus

Some of our universities in Botswana offer on campus and off campus options. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make in University is deciding where to live.This decision is a tough one because of the multiple options and potential outcomes that come with it. Consider the following pros and cons before making that big decision.


On-Campus Pros:

-Built in community. This varies by school, but most universities treat their resident halls as a jumping off point for school community. The dorms are where you meet your first friends and get to know your resident assistant and hall mates. If you’re the kind of person that loves being among people, you don’t have to look too much farther that your school’s dorms.

-Convenience. In college there’s almost nothing better  than waking up 15 minutes before class starts and still making it on time. Simply put: living in a dorm is the most convenient option because you are centrally located to your campus. There’s no long commute, traffic or fear of being late.

-You have more social opportunities. When you live on-campus it’s easier to stumble upon friendships because you always have access to social opportunities. There are always new people to meet.

-You’re more plugged in. When you live in a dorm you typically hear about what’s going on around campus. You know when the best events are and what’s happening on campus that week.

On-Campus Cons:

-Less space. If you go the dorm route, accept the fact that you will sacrifice a lot of personal space. Not only is your room tiny, but also you have to share it with another person.

-Less privacy. You’re always surrounded by people. This is tough for people who need more alone time or simply don’t like crowds.

-Rules. Dorm life comes with a few strings attached. Again, this varies, but tons of schools have required meetings, curfews and rules about having the opposite gender in your room.

Off-Campus Pros:

-It can be cheaper. It takes homework, but it’s usually easier to find a monthly rent that is less expensive than your overall on-campus housing fee.

-More freedom and independence. Your place, your rules! When you move off-campus you get to set your own boundaries. It comes with a lot of responsibility, but it can also be refreshing to have more independence.

-More flexible roommate choice. Unless you and a friend are going to the same school, when you live on-campus you play roommate roulette, and anything can happen. When you live off-campus you choose your own roommate, which typically equals better chemistry.

-Less moving. When you live in a dorm or an on-campus apartment you have to move out at the end of each school year. With your own place you can stay as long as you want as long as you’re paying rent. No worrying with storing your stuff for the summer, finding summer housing or packing up everything you own every nine months.

Off-Campus Cons:

-Commuting. Plain and simple, taking a combi to school is a burden. You have to wake up earlier and give yourself plenty of time to fight traffic.

-More complex. You have to keep up with rent, utilities and Internet. You could also wind up with a wacky landlord, and taking care of damages and repairs will be up to you.

-You can become out of touch with campus life. Word of mouth travels slower when you’re off-campus, and there aren’t bulletins advertising events on campus in your apartment building. You have to work a little harder to keep up when you have your own place.


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