UB and NGO Council partnership to impact the economy

The newly formed partnership between the University of Botswana (UB), and Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) Council is poised to have an impact on the country’s economy.

UB and NGO Council has partnered through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was officially signed on Friday 29 August 2021.

Giving an overview of the MoU, UB Stakeholder Relations Manager, Professor Jean Delport, emphasized on the need for  UB and NGO Council to work collaboratively in making Botswana visible to the global third stream funding community. He further pinpointed that it was becoming extremely difficult for Botswana to attract foreign direct investment. As such, he advised that civil society organisations and institutions of learning must work together to attract third stream income for research, social justice and development.

For his part, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Botswana, Professor David Norris  underscored that given dwindling government resources, the onus was now on the University of Botswana and NGO Council to help rejuvenate economic activity in the country. He revealed that through stakeholder engagement the University was in the process of developing economic clusters that would eventually become pillars for stimulating the country’s economy.

On their side, the NGO Council is optimistic that through this partnership, new opportunities would be opened. Mr Tibe revealed that the civil society sector had been through a rough patch in its quest to source funds. Consequently, he was upbeat that the partnership between the NGO Council and the University of Botswana could not have come at a better time since it would help reinvigorate the civil society sector once again. He said the partnership with the University of Botswana would open a number of opportunities for the NGO Council to re-articulate its mandate as well as for the NGO Council civil society sector to play an active role in helping to reduce poverty in the country.

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