Worlds apart

I woke up amped about my day, I spent my early hours doing random exercises (yes, I want to lose weight) and also talking to different young people. Took my morning shower a bit late and finally hit the road. Look, I was late and did not have time for applying any ‘matte- effect- producing- products’ on my face so I was as natural as they come. I was heading to a destination about 61kms from the city-center, got there, finalized my audit results and hit a U-turn on the road back to the city.

As I passed the beautiful Polokwe hills, my mind took its own journey-  I envisioned a future so perfect and green.  I looked onto the rocks that were neatly stacked in fascinating tables, the ever-green shrubs that survived the harsh winter conditions, the little squirrels that jumped about haphazardly and just the peace and serenity of the possible life on a hill-top; precisely from Gods’ point of view. I quickly began to wonder about the Creator of life, I asked myself how one is able to create such beautiful things and let such horrible people to occupy his habitat. My mood rightfully shifted to anger- Honestly, man has only been selfish, he cut down the trees and still preached against deforestation, he has caged the wild animals and put up conservation slogans and not to mention how egotistical he can be- he went right on and bulldozed his way through the great Polokwe Hills to make a road for himself and his generations of potentially-worse off springs.

Who lets that happen to his own creation? Something you worked hard to incept. It just didn’t make sense. Oh well, the journey continued, I passed a few villages by the road-side and I picked up a pattern. A woman would be seen carrying a baby on her back and another load whilst her male-counterpart would be literally handling the air. A pub would fancy two to three loners with a couple of quartz to embrace ( oh no, they were not even five-much less I assure you) . An old man, barely able to affirm his stand against the winds would be driving a heavily-loaded donkey-cart. Young kids who have barely kissed puberty would find pleasure in thronging by the roadside walking to and from an undesignated destination. I tell you, the pattern repeated in almost all the villages I passed.

Once again, I questioned this Author of Life. I mean life in the city is entirely different, we have neighbours we barely know, everyone is forever locked inside their big houses and just for reinforcement  motives if not for show-off, there is also a huge big black gate that makes it impossible to know the front-yard pattern that your bitter-sweet neighbor chose. Please don’t even think that is security- against what exactly? You are literally advertising the diamonds you perhaps may be hiding in that house of yours so hell yeah- they will keep coming for you. Women here drive flashy cars and even have a small menican seat for their babies in the rear-seats. Men find it important to push the trolley and also have the baby on a baby-carriage- strapper. Young Kids who have ‘barely kissed puberty’ find it necessary to ‘hit’ the mall and just spend the day there in the most colourful fashion ever. Life is so swift in the city- nobody really cares for the next person. Everyone is just on that hustle tip.

Now why create people and place such a distinction between them- practical worlds apart. As perplexed and still raged as I was, my driver decided to bump into an oncoming car from the other lane. For a minute or two, I didn’t understand what happened, all I remember was saying a little prayer to this Creator I have been questioning the whole journey. The next thing was to check if everyone was alright and ‘Thank-God’ everyone looked fit. Now I had to do the damage assessment- and guess what? This thoughtful and omniscient Great decided to bring the two worlds together; my driver who happens to be my supervisor, clad in his mighty Armani suit has faulted a mere blue-collar mechanic. My very proud boss had to literally calm his horses and humbly had to seek favor from the meek. Money couldn’t buy him out of this one because this humble servant reserved his rights to justice- he knew that procedurally the matter had to be reported to the traffic officers.

In short, my physical journey and that of my thoughts brought a very valuable lesson to my life. No man can live on a high all the time. This Creator is not asleep; He sees our every move and can read all our thoughts. I learnt that life is not always what it seems to be, class will not save you from wrath. Start with your neighbor and just share a cup of tea with her. After-all that is love and life in its fullness is Love.


Chipo Nkalanga



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