Young People Detained For Unemployment Demonstration

A group of youth leading a peaceful demonstration over unemployment at Parliament precinct yesterday afternoon were attacked by the police. The young demonstrators together with private journalists were arrested. Four of the arrested journalists were released after a few hours while the protesters are still under police custody.


Among them was eBotswana videographer Bogosi Raududu who was arrested for refusing to delete footage he took showing police beating up youth at this peaceful demonstration in front parliament. Other journalists Phillimone Mmeso, Reginald Richardson and Keikantse Shumba were also taken into custody for demanding the release of their colleagues.

Police also chased away journalists who had convened at the scene, saying they should disperse immediately or they will forcefully remove them. Some of the protesters got injured while others lost their property when they fled from the riot Police. This is the 2nd demonstration in a short period of time,as a few weeks back another young man protested in front of the parliament for the same reasons.


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