10 Signs ‘he’ is a Keeper

Maybe your present boyfriend tends to forget the important dates, wiles out more than often and keeps you wondering if he is the one- Fact is when a man loves, he loves for real! yes, he goes the extra mile, he backs you up in times of need, he laughs at your jokes and knows how to apologise and when not to…! but maybe you wonder a lot of what the future holds for you, if your boyfriend is a thee hubby or just a passer by. Here are a few to look out for

The love kills the Fights

It never feels good to fight because you care too much about him to hurt him. He too! The compromise always seems like the best option because you both can be happy. But at the end of the day, you really can’t stay mad at each other for long.

You are free to be bare

Good days and bad days, he understands who you are and doesn’t expect you to be anyone but yourself. In his eyes, you’re special by just being you. There’s no pretending. During those lazy times when all you want to do is lounge in stained sweatpants and not formulate sentences, he gets it because he’s right there with you. You can totally be yourself — whatever mood you’re in — and he always thinks you shine

He is not a jealous man.

A guy who is husband material inherently understands that you don’t suddenly become blind to the attractiveness of others just because you’re in a committed relationship. He trusts you. Now there’s a concept!

When you are happy, he is happy

You know he’s the one because he’s good to you in ways that you’ve never thought possible. He wants what’s best for you, even if it comes at a cost to him. The man you marry gives selflessly, as your interests are now his interests. In fact, he thinks he’s being selfish when he indulges in you because it brings him pleasure, too. To that end, he can balance ambitions at work with ambitions at home. Some stages or careers are more difficult than others, but he finds ways to let you know he hasn’t forgotten about you.

He understands that the healthiest couples are not attached at the hip.

Rather, the healthiest couples live their own lives, having experiences they can then share with each other the next time they’re together. As a result, your relationship does not implode just because he wants to go away on a weekend and get drunk with the boys, or a trip with his co-workers, or because you don’t always invite him out to the bar with your ladies after gym.

The attraction is plain HOT!

Physically, emotionally and mentally, you two are compatible on all those levels. The chemistry between you both is powerful enough to block everything else out. Sometimes it feels like it’s just him that really matters. Even doing the littlest things together, such as running to the grocery store, feels more special because he’s around. The attraction is pervasive from the bedroom to the most platonic of places, like the doctor’s office. You can’t keep your hands off each other and you certainly aren’t holding back.

He fights fair.

A guy who’s husband material takes a step back and becomes the voice of reason in the midst of your most volatile arguments. Perhaps he even suggests the two of you try that reflexive listening exercise your couple’s therapist taught you, even though he didn’t want to go to a shrink in the first place. But he did anyway.

He always remembers to do that thing you love in bed.

You know the thing; the one that curls your toes? Where he takes his BLANKETY-BLANK and then BLANKS your BLANK? Because even though he often forgets that it takes more than a quick nipple squeeze to put you in the mood, he truly does want you to have as much fun as he’s having. And he’s having a lot of fun.

He accepts you as you are

You’re messier, louder and maybe less funny, but he loves you for it. He makes you feel good about all those things you might dislike about yourself. And he brags about you to his friends because he’s so proud to call you his own. You would brag more, except everyone already knows how enamored you are. He knows everything about you — good and bad — and appreciates both because it’s all part of who you are.

You just know it.

Sometimes, even when you’re frustrated with him, you remember just one of these things and are suddenly overcome by a massive, overwhelming wave of love. When he’s husband material, you just know it. You are his, he is yours and suddenly it all feels comfortingly simple

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