10 Things You Should Avoid Posting On Social Media

Nowadays it is common for people to post each and every detail of their lives on social media platforms without even thinking of the risks they might be posing to themselves in doing so. It is also common for people to follow and befriend strangers on social media that is why some information should never make their way into social media.

Things You Should Avoid Posting On Social Media

Here are some of the things that should not be posted on social media.
1. Your home or work address- Unless your profile is on complete lock-down and no one but youΒ  can see it, then you should never put your home address on your profile. You’d think this was common sense, but people using different β€œcheck-in” services while at their house put their lives at risk.

2. Photos of children and details about their school- There are kidnappers out there and that might just work in their favour.

3. Your long and short trips away from home– Vacation details, saying where and when you are going and for how long may attract robbers to your house or just the wrong people following you to your vacation destination.

4. Private photos and videos- Especially nude ones, they are not only disgusting it is also an offence to publish explicit material in Botswana.

5. Credit, debit card or any other financial information- Some people do post copies of this in the social media and people may steal that information for all the wrong reasons.

6. Your phone number- Sure, you can put contact details such as website info and email for business purposes perhaps but you do not want some stranger calling you or using it to hack on your accounts.

7. Information about you career or work related projects- it could provide your competitors with valuable information and they could use it to leverage against your company.

8. The fact that you are home alone- That’s too much info and it is an invitation to stalkers.

9. Yourbirth information-Β  It could give identity thieves some of the key pieces of information needed to steal your identity and even open accounts in your name.

10. Pictures with geotaggs-Β  There is no better road map to your current location than a geotagged pictures. Your phone may be recording the location of all the pictures you take without you even knowing it.


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