10 Tips To Fight Bad Breath.

Bad breath can be very embarrassing, so it is an issue that needs to be tackled fast. Not everyone who has bad breath is aware that they have the problem, so people’s odd reactions when you open your mouth to speak are a clue. It’s easy to improve your breath and keep your teeth and gums healthy at the same time. Try these simple steps to make your mouth feel fresh and clean.

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1. Brush Your Teeth Properly.

Brushing your teeth properly is one of the best things you can do in your fight against bad breath. Brush at least twice a day, for at least two minutes and make sure to cover all the areas in your mouth. Especially focus on where the teeth meet the gums.

2. Floss Your Teeth.

Flossing is another important component to good mouth health. Flossing removes the plaque and bacteria build-up from between your teeth, which even the best toothbrushes can’t get rid of. Do this at least once a day

3. Try Using Baking Soda.

Brushing your teeth with baking soda once a week will help neutralize the bacteria that cause bad breath. Using your regular toothbrush, simply sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on the bristles, then brush as usual.

4. Get Regular Dental Check-Ups.

Going to the dentist is important to maintaining your oral health, a primary factor in bad breath. A dentist, or dental hygienist, will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth, gums, and mouth.Β Your dentist will notice if your bad breath is caused by something more serious than simply food or drink, or not having brushed properly.

5. Use Sugar-Free Gum.

Like water, sugar-free gum or mints can help speed up the production of saliva in your mouth and help flush out the bad bacteria. They can also cover up bad breath for a short period of time.Β Use sugar-free gum and mints. Sugars can help feed the bad bacteria, which will make your bad breath worse once the gum or mint is gone.

6. Drink Lots Of Water.

One problem that can cause bad breath or make bad breath worse is having a dry mouth. Water is odor-free and helps to flush out the food that bacteria loves. It also helps promote saliva which cleanses the mouth and eliminates the stink-causing substances in food.

7. Avoid Smoking.

While there are many reasons to avoid or quit smoking or chewing tobacco (like cancer), bad breath is certainly one of them. Smoking causes the smoker’s breath to retain the smells of stale tobacco smoke, sometimes described as “smelling like an ashtray.” The easiest way to prevent this bad breath is to stop smoking.

8. Use Herbs And Spices.

Chewing raw parsley helps clean the teeth and mouth, and can help prevent bad breath. Cardamom, either in pods or ground, helps keep the breath fresh as well. Chew fennel seeds after a spicy meal, or grind them and sprinkle the ground seeds onto your toothbrush.

9. Avoid Foods That Sour Your Breath.

Onions and garlic are big offenders. But brushing after you eat them doesn’t help.Β The substances that cause their bad smells make their way into your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, where you breathe them out.Β Don’t eat them, or at least avoid them before you go to work or see friends.

10. Use Mouthwash.

Some mouthwashes or oral rinses are effective at preventing bad breath. However, you should never use alcohol based mouthwashes because the alcohol makes the mouth very dry, which will actually make the problem worse.

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