10 Ways To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

Everyday in our country, we hear about people who have taken their lives.Β Suicidal intentions are prompted by a desperate need for relief from intensely painful feelings. Surviving suicidal thoughts is about learning how to find relief without resorting to suicide.Β Though it may be difficult, hold on to the belief that there are ways to resist depression and find relief.


1. Seek professional help immediately.

Suicidal thoughts can feel overwhelming, and there’s no reason to fight them alone. Ask a professional for help by calling emergency services or contacting a suicide hotline. These services have trained people ready to listen to you and offer help 24/7. Suicidal thoughts and impulses are very serious. Asking for help is a sign of strength

2. Make Your Home Safer.

If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts or are worried that you will, take opportunities to harm yourself away.Β Suicide is most likely to happen when you have a way to harm yourself.Β Get rid of anything that you could use to harm yourself, like pills, razors, sharp objects, or guns.

3. Call A Trusted Friend Or Loved One.

Your risk of suicide is increased if you’re alone with suicidal thoughts. Don’t bottle them up or keep them to yourself. Call someone you love and trust and share your thoughts with him or her. Sometimes just talking to a good listener can help you cope and be enough to calm your thoughts. Stay on the phone, or ask the person to come over and be with you so you’re not on your ow

4. Stop Using Drugs And Alcohol.

You might be trying to make the thoughts go away by drinking or using drugs. But adding these chemicals to your body actually just makes it a lot harder to think clearly, which you need to be able to do to cope with suicidal thoughts.

5. Learn To Recognize Your Warning Signs.

Suicidal thoughts don’t simply happen on their own. They’re the result of something, such as feeling hopeless, depressed, grieving, or stressed. Learning to recognize what other thoughts and behavior tend to appear when you struggle with suicidal thoughts can help alert you to when you need to seek extra support from others

6. Make A List Of Things You Love.

This is a list of everything that has helped you cope in the past. Write down the names of your best friends and the family members you love, your favorite places, music, movies, books that have saved you. Include little things like your favorite foods and sports, bigger things like hobbies and passions that help you wake up in the morning.

7. Connect With Others.

Building a strong support network is one of the most important things you can do to help you cope with your thoughts. Feeling isolated, unsupported, or as though others would be better off without you are common feelings behind suicidal thoughts. Reach out to others and talk with someone every day.

8. Work On Loving Yourself.

Focus on altering your negative thought patterns and realizing the negative thoughts are not true. In order to start relieving the pain of your negative feelings, you need to be kind to yourself and see yourself as a strong person who is persevering.

9. Get Enough Exercise.

Exercise has been shown to help reduce the effects of depression and anxiety.Β It can be difficult to exercise if you’re feeling depressed, but setting a schedule for yourself working out with a friend can help you.

10. Get Good Sleep.

Depression often changes your sleep habits, making you sleep too much or too little. Research has shown a link between disturbed sleep habits and suicidal thoughts.Β Making sure to get good, undisturbed sleep can help you keep a clear head.

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