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10 ways to market your business online

With the forever escalating rates of advertising, youth small businesses are finding it hard to penetrate further into the market and compete alongside big corporates. However, the internet offers such businesses a platform to make in the stiff market. We share with you 10 easy ways to market your businesses online.

Collaborate with popular bloggers in your niche.

Reaching out to to popular bloggers in your niche might be an effective way to market your business online, especially if you have something of value to add to one of their posts.

Regularly contribute on industry-specific forums.

Many people have the whole forum-strategy postingΒ for SEO all wrong. They get out there and drop spammy links, and they wonder why they’re booted off the forums. You can’t do that. If you’re serious about marketing your business online, when you do find an industry-specific forum, join conversations and add value before you try to link-drop.

Offer a free product or service to customers.

Studies have confirmed that people are more likely to accept something for free than they are to pay a nominal price for it. So, why not provide a free service or product to your customers? Maybe you offerΒ a free 15-minute consultation or an entry-level product that you want to give away.

Co-sponsor an award or giveaway in a contest.

Find something that you can give away and co-sponsor an award or contest with another company, group or professional in your field.

Create a branded email signature.

One of the simplest ways that you can market your business online is by using a branded email signature. Place your links and any potential accolades your company might have received directly into your email signature. This helps to passively promote your business to people that you’re in contact with on a daily basis.

Post photos and videos with relevant hashtags on Pinterest, Flickr,Β Tumblr and Instagram.

There are a number of high-domainΒ authority sites that you can post photos and videos on to build a following

Build consumer trust on platforms like Yelp and Trust Pilot.

One of the barriers holding back business owners and professionals alike is that of trust. People are reluctant to trust businesses that they don’t have direct knowledge of or know someone who’s worked with them.

Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing.

Email marketing is something that every business owner should be engaged in, but it’sΒ no easy feat.Β To succeed with email marketing, you need to give something away for free in exchange for the consumer’s email address.

Create useful video tutorials on YouTube.

YouTube offers a great resource for marketing your business on the web. While you might find some friction at the outset for building your audience, if you focus on creating useful video tutorials, eventually, you’ll reach a vast amount of people.\

Leverage the power of Instagram influencers.

Today, with the ever-pervading power of social media, you can instantly reach droves of people from across the world at a moment’s notice.

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