10 Ways To Stay Warm In Cold Weather

It is a cold day today, isn’t it? Winter is here with a bang. It’s a pity that life has to go on, we have to go to work, school and other activities. No one wants to be cold beyond tolerance, that is why so many people are not a big fan of cold conditions.Β Here’s how you can minimize the misery.


1. Wear An Under-Layer.

This is an easy way to stay warmer without having to do much. An under-layer is a layer of clothing which goes under your normal clothing like leggings. This under-layer can take many forms, but each can help you stay warm without adding a lot of bulk or extra steps.

2. Keep Dry

No matter how many layers of clothing you dress in, they won’t do you a bit of good unless they remain dry.Β Once clothing gets wet, the moisture evaporates from its surface, causing itΒ to cool and you to feel much colder.

3. Wear Clothing That Is The Right Size.

We know you want to look hot, but there’s a reason why Eskimos wear those big coats and loose pants. When your clothing fits tightly, it can’t keep you warm or comfortable. Instead, if you want to stay warm, make sure the clothes that you’re wearing fit loosely. This creates a protective layer of warm air between your skin and the environment on the other side of that fabric.

4. Move Around To Create Heat.

If your clothes themselves can’t keep you warm, let your body create heat. Moving around will burn energy in your body, which gets expressed as heat. Try exercising or at least try not to stand still.

5. Seal Gaps That Let In Cold Air.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for holes and gaps that let cold air into your home or between rooms that have different levels of insulation. The most common example is the gap under doors, but you may also find some windows let in a draft or that rooms above a basement have cold air coming up through the floor.

6. Warm UpΒ Your Bed.

You’ll probably want your bed to be at least a little warm before you crawl in to go to sleep. Those icy sheets are no-one’s friend. There are lots of ways that you can get your bed ready before it’s time to sleep. You can place a hot water bottleΒ under the blanket at the lower center of the bed.

7. Drink Something Hot.

Whether it’s a hot cup of lemon tea or a strong coffee, drinking a hot liquid can boost how warm you feel from the inside out. Turn the kettle on and then break out the mugs because you’re about to get nice and warm.

8. Indulge In Foods That Help You Keep Warm.

You already know that eating well in the winter could help you stay healthy, but did you know it might help keep you warm, too? Eating extra, healthy fats during the winter can help rev up metabolism, which in turn heats the body.

9. Take A Hot Shower Or Bath.

A hot shower or bath can be just enough to get your body back to a reasonable level of warmth. Find yourself just getting cold again after five minutes? Make sure you’re bundling up as soon as you get out, with warm house clothes, a robe, and house shoes. This will help your body retain the heat of the bath.

Β 10. Wear A Hat.

It’s said that as much asΒ 70% of the body’s heat is lost through the head. Whether or notΒ you believe this cold weather statistic, one thing is certain, Β wearing a hat willΒ help keep you warmer if for no other reason thanΒ you’ll haveΒ less skinΒ exposed to the elements.

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