2 weeks to Joyous Celebration in Botswana (the count down)

Joyous Celebration will in two be in Botswana for a single day concert. The group will be performing at the University of Botswana indoor sport arena this month on the 25th. Just a little less than two weeks ago, the group was in Botswana for a media brief where revealed that they are more than ready to come and make headlines after headlines once they have performed. The group member team that was in Botswana said that they are ready because it has long been overdue for them to come over.

They revealed that they are going to be bringing a full house, the same way it would have been had they opted to perform in South Africa. The group is in conjuction with Botswana’s event management company named Brave Hearts. The group founding member who also acts as the conductor Lindelani Mkhize who was speaking at the same media brief event two weeks ago in Gaborone said the upcoming concert will be a memorable experience because the group performs at their best on stage. He went on to encourage fans to come in large numbers to the event for they have a greater package for them. It is 2 weeks to the event, the count down has begun.

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