2016 Mandela Washington Fellows Announced!

Last week the United States Embassy held a press conference to announce the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows. This Fellowship is the flagship component of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative – known as β€œYALI” – which supports the youth as they cultivate a prosperous and secure Africa.


The 26 Batswana selected for the Fellowship will join 1,000 young Africans from across the continent for academic coursework, networking, mentorship and leadership development, culminating in a Presidential Summit in August. These leaders represent Botswana’s most visionary, intelligent, and driven young people, congratulations!Β 

β€œI have no doubt that you’re going to leave behind for the next generation – and the generation after that – an Africa that is strong and vibrant and prosperous, and is ascendant on the world stage.”
President Barack Obama at a Town Hall with Mandela Washington Fellows, July 2014. We are positive that our 26 participants will do just that!

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