2017/18 Budget Speech, What’s In The Briefcase?

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon. Ontefetse Kenneth Matambo will today present to the nation the 2017/2018 Budget Speech at Parliament Buildings at 1330hrs. This year like the past years, the nation is waiting in anticipation to see if their needs will be covered in the budget. It is a wish of every Motswana that Matambo should present a budget that is inclusive, it shouldn’t be a budget for those who are at the high earning notch only but also for those who do not have regular income as well.

The Budget Speech Includes:

  • The latest overview of the performance of the global and domestic economy.
  • Performance on government budget in the previous financial year.
  • An outline ofΒ the proposed budget allocation for programs and projects per ministry to be implemented during that particular financial year.

The Ministry coordinates preparation of the Budget Speech on an annual basis in consultation with other government ministries and departments. It is delivered by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP)Β in parliament in early February each year. The MFDPΒ also organizes Budget Pitso consultations with general stakeholders,Β local authorities, members of parliament, and members of Ntlo Ya Dikgosi to engage them on budget issues to ensure that their concerns and issues are considered in the budget preparation process.

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