5 Great Business Ideas for Youth In Botswana

It is easy to have a business idea, but getting up and staring your own business in Botswana as a young person is difficult. Some business ventures require too much investment and expertise that a young person does not have. Here is a list of some business ideas that are simply, and vibrant for a young mind.

Young African American business woman looking away in a thought against a background

1. Custom Made Clothing

Every young person defines themselves as a fashionista; no one wants to be seen wearing the same dress as another woman at a party. Custom designed clothes from Botswana can solve that problem and with the downturn in the apparel industry, there is a great deal of ideal capacity.

2. Arts and Crafts

Consumers love handmade goods, more especially tourists. Botswana has a talented arts and crafts community. We can develop a central website that showcases the work of each artist. A seminar can be held to take pictures of each person’s work and launch their own digital storefront.

3. Magazine Publishing

Across the country supermarkets are full of international magazines, which sell well. It is still a niche market, so why don’t you set up your own lifestyle magazine?

4. Fast Food Franchise

We still rely on food from international franchises like Chicken Licken and KFC. Maybe its time someone comes up with something local. You can start from home, and grow your business as years pass by.

5. Baby Sitting Services

Yo do not lose anything in this business idea. A lot of parents are busy, and at times they need time alone to hang or attend functions without their children. It will be a great benefit for you and them if you opt to look after their kids in their absence.

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