Botswana Is Number 5 In The Volleyball Olympics Qualifiers In Cameroon

Women Volleyball National Team ended the campaign in Cameroon on a high note after defeating Tunisia 3-2 to claim 5th position, making history by winning for the first time a north African country. It should also be noted that Tunisia were once the champions of Africa.


The girls did their best in their 1st encounter of the competition but unfortunately lost 3-0 to Algeria.Β They also played a tough game withΒ Uganda winning 3-2.Β The team will return back to Botswana on Thursday morning at 0200hrs,Β Β neverthelessΒ players also did well in individual performances.

We are proud of our gals, they did their best. Volleyball is one of the growing sports in our country, and with the right sponsors and support, it can go somewhere. There is hope for the futureΒ looking at the fact that the team was made up of young talent.

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