7 resolutions by UDC NEC at Palapye

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) opposition coalition has for the past few weeks shown some cracks.

The cracks became even more evident when UDC President- Duma Gideon Boko, and his Vice President- Dumelang Saleshando held two (2) separate press conferences.

In noticing that the cracks may lead to more damage or even collapse, the contracting parties held a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting over the weekend at Palapye. At the said meeting, there were a number of resolutions to try avoid future clashes;

  1. All leaders and members must cease, and desist from, all conduct and utterances that tarnish the organization.
  2. Stern measures will be taken against all those who will breach the expected standards of behavior.
  3. Each party within the UDC is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that its members comply with the expected standards of behavior and any errant members will be dealt with by the party whose member(s) has or have been reported and appropriate disciplinary measures applied.
  4. A team building retreat will be held on 7 August 2021 and the Secretary Generals of the member parties will arrange for it working closely with the Vice President.
  5. A deadline has been set for the Task Team that will evaluate the 2019 elections and prepare a comprehensive report, to commence its work. The Team will draw up its own Terms of Reference and develop a methodology for the exercise.
  6. The review of the UDC Constitution must proceed and will also include other parties as and when they join.
  7. The UDC has recommitted itself to cooperation talks with other opposition parties and has mandated a team to prepare a framework for the talks which will then be shared with the other parties and enable a more structured and properly coordinated process.

“The UDC has been traduced in a most unwelcome blaze of negative publicity. The narrative of doom and failure that we ourselves propagated demoralized the nation and communicated grim forebodings with respect to the future. All our leaders and members must take full responsibility for this and act decisively to put an end to it.” Boko advised.

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