“Should The Student Allowance Be Increased?” Madi Majwana Debate

Botswana Government should be applauded for making education a priority in relation to the 2016 vision pillar of an educated and informed nation. Not only are students tuition fees paid for, but the Government gives them a monthly allowance. Having stated that though, institutions of higher learning in Botswana have experienced student demonstrations calling for an increased living allowance.


As Barclays Bank and Maitisong celebrate Global Money Week, they  bring you a discussion in relation to the following: sponsor affordability, students’ responsibility for personal financial management, entitlement and precedent. This is a must not miss debate by tertiary institutions in Gaborone.

Season 2 of this radio drama about everyday financial struggles, Madi Majwana, is sponsored by Barclays and brought to you by The Company@Maitisong, is now airing weekly on Yarona FM Mondays at 6.50 am, Gabz FM Wednesdays at 4.40 pm, and Duma FM Fridays at 6.35 pm. This year’s theme is ‘Take Part. Save Smart!’

Date: 10 March
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Maitisong – FREE admission

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