7th Annual BOMU Awards Nominees Announced!

7th annual BOMU awards nominees have been announced. The prestigious event was held at TlotloΒ Hotel and Conference Centre, by the Pool side in Block 5. It was strictly by invite,but of-course those who have entered for the awards were automatically invited. The nominees are below in no particular order.


Best Single

β€’ Bouncy- Walking aways,Β Lerofo – Rof around,Β Licky- Free love,Β Fondo Fire- Tshetlha ya Dikgwa,Β Gaone- Kopisa and DJ King- Lereme

Best DVD

β€’ Bana Bana Ba Ntogwa,Β Centy Mduduzi,Β Reharko Polka Group and Shumba Ratshega

Best Music Video

β€’ Lerofo,Β Eugene Jackson,Β Samantha Mogwe and Heartbeat Family

Best DJ

β€’ Dj Oats,Β Dj Fondo Fire and DJ Chabo

BestΒ Producer

β€’ Dj Oats,Β Β BK Proctor andΒ Bullet Ketshabile

Best Hip Hop/Rap/Motswako

β€’ E.P.I.C,Β Β Noello andΒ Bouncy

Best Traditional

β€’ Shirley,Β Shumba Ratshega,Β Selonyana andΒ Mmaratwa

Best House Kwasa

β€’ Figos andΒ Vee

Best Jazz

β€’ Fresh Les andΒ Punah Gabasiane

Best Contemporary Gospel

β€’ Matheke,Β Β Alan Kay andΒ Ounah

Best Traditional Gospel

β€’ Mmadikomane,Β Keba,Β Β Gofi andΒ Barweetsana

Best House/Dance

β€’ DJ Fondo Fire,Β Antonelle andΒ Β DJ Oats

Best Afro Pop

β€’ Astley Gops andΒ Flexyville

Best R’N’B

β€’ Samantha Mogwe andΒ Amantle BW

Best Mosakaso

β€’ Mc Maswe andΒ Charma Gal

Best Dikhwaere

β€’ Nthinthie andΒ Bafenyi Rantsanyana

Best Disco

β€’ Zangwana,Β Khoza andΒ Gaone Tshoganetso

Best Folklore

β€’ Papa Dee andΒ Idle

Best Kwaito

β€’ Amanandos,Β Eskimos andΒ MMP Family

Best PackagedΒ Album

β€’ Vee,Β Samantha,Β Punah Gabasiane andΒ BK Proctor

Best Female Artist

β€’ Samantha Mogwe,Β Charma Gal andΒ Amantle

Best Male Artist

β€’Mc Maswe,Β Β Shumba Ratshega,Β Vee andΒ Noello

Best New Comer

β€’ Amantle,Β Gaone ,Β Lerofo andΒ Bouncy

Best DJ

β€’ Dj Oats,Β Dj Fondo Fire,Β Β DJ Chabo andΒ DJ King

Best Group/Combo/Duo

β€’ Eskimos,Β MMP Family,Β Heart Beat Family andΒ Amanandos

Album Of The Year

β€’ BK Proctor – MasterPiece of Duets,Β Charma Gal – Sekuta sa ga Charma Gal,Β MMP Family – Lesson No 1 andΒ Amantle BW – Moratiwa

SongΒ Of The Year

β€’ Lebala Ka Nna – MMP Family,Β Sekuta – Charma Gal,Β Moratiwa – Amantle,Β Β Kopisa – Gaone ,Β Zhwamaronga – MC Maswe andΒ Hard Rock – Charma Gal

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