A.T.I’s Envelope Album Officially Released!

A.T.I’s long awaited album Envelope has officially been released and there will be a release party for the album today at Chez Nicolaz through the Hip Hop and RnB Live Sessions hosted by Scar.

The album will be sold at the party from midnight at P100 only. Envelope is inclusive of songs like Poelo morago and Khiringkhiring khorong khorong as well as Pelo sematla.

On the 19-track album the rapper worked with a variety of upcoming and established artists and producers such as Sasa Klaas, Ozi F Teddy, Koola, Favi, Lif Aman, Risq and Slim Kid.

โ€œThe album has a variety of sound, the focus is on the emotions and the message it carries encourages people to keep pushing despite the difficulties they face.ย  Upon the release of the album the aim is to sell 100,000 copies in a certain time frame and create a fortune out of this album,โ€ A.T.I told the media.

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