Botswana’s agriculture sector remains a priority area for economic diversification and sector competitiveness, Vice President Slumber Tsogwane has said.

Speaking as a panelist at the Feed Africa Summit in Senegal yesterday during a discussion on priorities for food and agriculture transformation, he said Botswana was continually making efforts to turn the economy around and improve its GDP.

Previously treated as a unilateral sector, agriculture was now being integrated into other government programmes to increase its potential to grow other industries, Mr Tsogwane said.

He said government had crafted policies that improved and eased investment in the sector as well as promoting the treatment of agriculture as a business.

Responding to a question on what Botswana was doing to build a livestock production reservoir for export, the vice president mentioned construction of a multi-species abattoir as well as tapping and processing semen for cattle and small stock.

Mr Tsogwane said the presidential bull donation initiative was a major milestone to encourage farmers to improve herd genetic quality.

Source:Daily News

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