Amantle Montsho’s Critics Makes Her Want To Quit Athletics!

The pull him/her down syndrome in Botswana is so intense that it can drive one over the edge. Our very own diamond girl, Gold medalist Amantle Montsho is one star who continues to receive negativity from certain Batswana. No matter what she has done for the country, some individuals continue to overlook that and concentrate on her short comings.

On a Facebook status that she deleted, Amantle narrated that there is a particular person (no names mentioned) who always gets on her nerves a few days prior to a race. This according to the star stresses her out that she even considers quitting all together. A lot of her followers advised her to let it slide and just concentrate on being the best in her craft.

It seems as if she has cooled down, because the status that followed it read, “You will meet two kinds of people in life, the ones who tear you down and the ones who build you up but in the end you will thank them both.” Of course Amantle has made her fair share of mistakes in the past, but we hope that she does not let a few insignificant people make her abandon her career.

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