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Are you a tertiary school student? Try these ideas and make extra income these holidays!

As university students are heavily engaged with examinations and getting ready to take out some time off constant study struggles. A need for extra source of income is always an underlying factor that every university student needs to take care of. Today we give you some of the optional money making opportunities you could create for yourself.

 Private Tuition

Many parents are always eager to go an extra mile in giving their children the best education, approach high school parents around your area for tuition opportunities. Offer a subject you are much more competent on and above all DON’T OVERCHARGE! Remember you just need extra cash.

Child Care

Another opportunity to create for yourself is offer childcare services, in most parts of the country mothers are always wanting to give their kids to most reliable and credible persons around their area, students remain a trustable percentage of the population.

Sell Arts and Crafts

If you’re a crafter with homemade items accumulating, the holiday season is the time to sell them. People are in the market for crafts as gifts so sell them at this time.

Directing Selling and Home parties

Anything that can be purchased as a gift is more likely to sell. Though people may have more of a budget to spend on many items, they don’t have extra time. Try them out, you are most likely to make extra cash with them.

Work as an assistant

Use social networks to get the word out to friends. Look around for people willing to take in personal assistants and offer your services.

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