ATI & Cold Mob’s “About you” a hit

In the just ended president’s day celebrations holidays, the new song that has just hit us by ATI and Ice Cold Mob could almost be heard playing from household to household. However, the great news is that in just in just “About You” was named the number 1 hit song in their holiday Top 20 music hits. Like it was not enough, they went on to be get the most downloads ever with a new song.

Alongside Vee Mampeezy’s “Batho ba nyatsa batho” the song got more than 10 000 downloads in just a week of its release. The music product which was produced by Angel L is a manifestation of the great local masterpieces. Ice Cold is one new determined lad who has since made it clear that he is going to be rocking the stages more than it can ever be anticipated. He has a fierce spirit needed in the music industry which is a recipe for survival.

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