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Batswana artists that have been serving for long

Most of the artists have either thrown in the towel or have completely gone stale within the music fraternity. However there are those ones that have remained focused and have stayed the test of time. Today we give you top 5 artists in Botswana who have stayed in the industry despite the trials and tests.


Nnunu is one of the few women who have contributed emensely to the industry. She has been a musician for more than 15 years. She was a member of KTM choir for years and a backing artist also.


Shanti Lo has also remained unshaken in the music fraternity he keeps keeping on and on. He is seen in almost every other music engagement.


Ofcourse when you speak music in Botswana Vee has to be somewhere near. Vee has been rocking stages from the yesteryears to this date.


Punah has also been in the music for long and she remain undeterred. She keeps pushing and rocking them stages.


The gospel star was a sure a gold in his younger years. He grew into the music industry and went all up with it. He continues with the stardom even to this date.


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