BFTU calls for decent jobs

Speaking on the occasion of the International Day on Decent Work yesterday, October 7 2021, the Botswana Federation of Trade Unions (BFTU) called on the government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure the dream of decent jobs becomes a reality.

The union is especially concerned as loss of employment and casualization of work that ensued from the decline of business during the pandemic and growth of the informal sector have presented glaring evidence of what stands to become of the world of work when there is no deliberate intervention.

BFTU is of the view that the interventions on the issue would entail suitable social security and protection schemes. The union therefore proposes that government actively seek out for dialogue with other social partners, namely workers’ and employers’ organizations and deliberate on developing sound employment creation plans aimed at providing decent work for dignified livelihoods.

“BFTU takes this opportunity to highlight the need for reconsideration of the structure of schemes like Ipelegeng to determine whether by any definition they offer what could amount to decent work, whether in terms of their earnings or terms and conditions under which they operate.The disparities in incomes of highest paid public servants and the least paid in the Ipelegeng schemes should bear out sufficient reason for concern in respect of the deterioration in living standards and need to consider robust employment creation plans, living wage and other pertinent social protection measures.” highlighted Thusang Butale, BFTU Secretary General.

The Union notes the components for successful job creation plans, according to ITUC, to be taken into consideration;

  1. A strengthened industrial policy to support domestic industriesο‚· Public investment, especially in climate friendly industries
  2. Direct creation of jobs through the public sector and infrastructure programmes
  3. Regulation, incentives and procurement practices that promote decent work
  4. Full involvement of unions in the development of jobs plans.We thus share the view of the ITUC that one of the most effective ways of creating jobs is investing in public services considering that in addition to improving living standards for everyone, the multiplier effect of spending on public services has a positive economic impact.

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