Black Panther: Everything You Need To Know Before You See The Movie

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ film looks sleek and super cool, and it’s almost here. With the movie setting a record in ticket pre-sales, it seems safe to say itΒ will premiere February 16 to a massive β€” and excited β€” audience. Are you ready?

Here’s what you need to know about the royal ruler:

Who is he?

β€’ The man behind the mask, T’Challa, is the king of Wakanda, a secretive, technologically advanced African nation.

β€’ The Black Panther is a member of the Avengers. He was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.” He will also appear in this summer’s “Avengers: Infinity War” (May 4).

β€’ His strengths include genius level intellect, enhanced senses and his vibranium suit.

β€’ He was once married to Storm from the X-Men.

β€’ His younger sister, Shuri,Β is the smartest person in the world. This means she is smarter than Tony Stark.

Where is he from?

β€’ The Dora Milaje is a team of women who serve as special forces in Wakanda.

β€’ Vibranium, the metal from which Captain America’s indestructible shield is made, is only mined in Wakanda.

The movie

β€’ The “Black Panther” film is directed byΒ Ryan Coogler, who also directed “Creed” and “Fruitvale Station,”Β and starsΒ Chadwick BosemanΒ (Black Panther/T’Challa, our hero),Β New Jersey-native Michael B. JordanΒ (Erik “Killmonger” Stevens, a black-ops soldier who seeks to overthrow T’Challa),Β Lupita Nyong’oΒ (Nakia, an operative of the Dora Milaje),Β Danai GuriraΒ (Okoye, head of the Dora Milaje),Β Daniel KaluuyaΒ (W’Kabi, T’Challa’s best friend),Β Letitia WrightΒ (Shuri, T’Chall’s younger sister),Β Angela Bassett(Ramonda, T’Challa mother),Β Forest WhitakerΒ (Zuri, an Wakandan statesman) andΒ Sterling K. BrownΒ (N’Jobu, a figure from T’Challa’s past).

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