Bobo ‘Stizboy’ Samuel Trending And Here’s Why!

Bobo ‘Stizboy’ Samuel Trending and here’s why! Facebook has been in a stir, celebrating Bobo and thanking him for being a source of youth empowerment in his own way.

Earlier this year, as the reality of COVID-19 effects hit the economy, it became more and more apparent that Batswana are apparently not self-sufficient enough. This led to a wake up call for most who decided to engage the public with their products and services. A new hashtag was introduced, #PushaBw, aimed at boycotting large supermarkets mostly to support small scale local entrepreneurs. Society is now challenging big branding companies, the likes of Brand Botswana to join in on the trend.

Bobo has been at the forefront of this movement by constantly sharing products and services on his Facebook account in bid to raise awareness and increase their market penetration. This to the product/service provider’s advantage as the fellow has quite the social media following himself. It would seem that he also does the same on all his other personal social media accounts including his Whatsapp Status updates. He has now been dubbed a hero, and an inspiration to a lot of people who may not know him on a personal level but are grateful nonetheless for his selfless act of kindness.

The 26 year old works for AON Botswana and has been for over two years now. He also has a series of side businesses including a potato supply businesses. Bobo continues to encourage young entrepreneurs and also works hard to promote his own hustle.

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