BOMU fires at COSBOTS again

“While COSBOTS has released fictions figures that local content on all radio stations stands at 21%, COSBOTS has dismally failed to prove this by showing radio station to radio station how much local music they play and their source of data / information. BOMU will not ignore this hopeless media tour of half-truths by an organisation that has shown gross lack of transparency with public and musicians’ money. What is happening at COSBOTS is a decade and half of undisturbed creative.” BOMU Secretary General Rasina Winfred Rasina fired.

It seems like a cold war between Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) and Copyright Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) is far from being resolved. In their last statement, BOMU outlined their displeasures with COSBOTS, and up until now nothing has changed. The Union asserts that COSBOTS still have not met with them to address their differences.

BOMU has been attempting to meet COSBOTS for more than a year now according to Rasina, and while there are pending issues, COSBOTS saw it fit to instead go for media tour, Rasina charged.

On the contrary, COSBOTS holds that Rasina’s remarks are not true as they have met with some senior members of BOMU recently, and further bailed BOMU out with Twenty thousand Pula (P20 000.00).

“We wish to put on rocord that COSBOTS had engaged with BOMU Senior Executives -The President, The Vice-President and an additional member where among other issues discussed and agreed was to formalize COSBOTS and BOMU relationship in a MEMORANDUM OF β€˜AGREEMENT. It is therefore untrue that we never engaged with BOMU in 2020. COSBOTS has also offered financial intervention to BOMU at the tune of P20k.” said Onalenna Gaontebale, COSBOTS Chief Executive Officer.

However, Rasina has denied BOMU ever receiving money from COSBOTS, “We also want to put on record that as BOMU, we have never received any funds from COSBOTS, If COSBOTS paid out some money we would want to know who it was paid to. And what was the purpose of that payment. And if that purpose was fulfilled. If the purpose WAS not fulfilled what steps did COSBOTS take to recover their money. We have never received money from COSBOTS.”

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