BOMU partners with DBS

The Department of Broadcasting Services (DBS) has partnered with Total Music Group ahead of the Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) awards scheduled for the end of July this year.

The awards ceremony which will be held virtually will enjoy publicity from Botswana Television (BTV) and Radio Botswana Two (RB2) which have a wide coverage countrywide.

Moreover, as part of the partnership, the union have received a sum of money which it says will help a lot in preparation for the awards, and the running of the organization, and set up a funeral scheme for the members.

“The partnership entails a financial boost towards the awards, broadcast airplay on Botswana Television and RB2 as well as broadcasting rights for thecovetedactivation. The financial contribution will enable the introduction of cash Prize money for all awards nominees, support BOMU in resetting Its finances, enable the setting up of a fully flege BOMU administration office and ensure the establishment of a funeral scheme for BOMU members.” the announcement revealed.

For his part, the president of BOMU, Phemelo Lesokwane, when honouring the partnership, he said; “The BOMUawardsarea national project that should reach all Batswana across the country. It’s most appropriate to have partnered with the Department of Broadcastingservices give the footprint across the country.This further affirms their commitment to inform and educate the nation on pertinent projects like the 10th edition of the awards” he said.

On another note, BOMU has also partnered with Botswana pride mark. This means that the use of Botswana pride mark has been approved to be used by BOMU for this year’s awards.

Botswana Pride mark aims to install pride in the community and symbolses progress and the exportation of Botswana’s Quality and Excellence to international markets. The Pride mark is said to be blending well with the intent of the awards which seek to promote Botswana creative Industry excellence.

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