BORAVAST Charcoal was Launched Yesterday In Bokspits.

As part of the collaborative partnership between the #BWGovernment and UNDP we are implementing an environmental project in the Dryland Ecosystem, entitled β€œManaging the Human-Wildlife Interface to Sustain the flow of Agro-ecosystem services and Combat Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in the Kgalagadi and Ghanzi Drylands” popularly known as the β€œKgalagadi and Ghanzi Drylands Ecosystems Project (KGDEP)”.

The project addresses amongst others; managing the trade-off between income generation and environmental sustainability and it is through this project that a number of livelihood improvement initiatives will be supported. One such initiative is the BORAVAST Charcoal Production Initiative which we witnessed its launch yesterday.

Since prosopis (Sexanana) is an invasive species, it was deemed necessary to clear the species; but link such an activity to income generating activities. Prosopis clearance would therefore achieve the 2 objectives of bush clearance whilst also ensuring rehabilitation of the landscape to increase continued flow of ecosystem goods and services, simultaneously promoting of livelihoods.

As a pre-requisite to the production process, it was essential that communities be given skills (skills development) to effectively engage in the proposed venture. The KGDEP therefore in collaboration with Department of Forestry and Range Resources engaged the Lake Ngami Trust to train charcoal producers whilst LEA was engaged to provide entrepreneur and management training of the communities as this would usher in creating skills to gain linkages to markets and further investment capital.

Operationalization of the venture would help in delivery of significant benefits to a sizable population within the BORAVAST area. The venture will also activate other chain businesses such as transport of the product to the market, retail businesses, provide employment and income.

BORAVAST CHARCOAL production team can be reached on +267 73 673 084

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