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“Botswana Creative Industry not creative”- Ramokoka

Botswana Government has come out to defend the direct appointment of Steve Harvey Global for a tender worth close to half Billion Pula.

The issue had raised questions and complaints from the creative industry and the general public at large. The underlying question was, “What did the government lack from local producers?” One local content producer, known as ‘Umaga’ wondered, “At times I ask myself questions of who gets supported”. Pearl Ramokoka put it plainly in a Press Release that they support only those with unique content, and those does not exist in Botswana. In that respect Steve Harvey Global will be engaged to come teach the Botswana Creative Industry how to be unique.

“It has come clear that in Botswana, the Creative Industry has not produced any unique content provider to fulfil the competitive international audience expectations. It is for this reason that a concerted effort had to be arrived at to engage an internationally acclaimed Content Producer to realize the aspirations of enhanced creative arts in Botswana. The SHG hence is requested through a direct appointment to stimulate the revival and invigorate creative industry through its experience, quality productions in genres that include, but not limited to comedies, sitcoms, talk shows, drama and game shows.” Ramokoka, Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration proclaimed.

Most content producers have for a long time complained that Department of Broadcasting Services (DBS) does not support them. They lamented that their content does not get featured and that they are not allowed access to production equipment. However, it is reported that Steve Harvey Global will get to use DBS equipment for free for a period of three (3) years. That is despite getting paid large sums of money.

In anticipation for Mr. Harvey’s services, Mass Media Complex is reportedly renovating its infrastructure. The developments include installation of production equipment, “remodeling of the stage, inclusion of waiting rooms, and makeup rooms etc.”

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