Botswana Doctors Union recommends Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment

Roughly a month after the scuffle at the National Assembly of Botswana over the use of Ivermectin for treating COVID-19, the Botswana Doctors Union have today recommend its use.

About a month ago, the legislators argued about the use of Ivermectin drug for the treatment of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19. Opposition Members of Parliament pushed for the use of Ivermectin due to reports that some countries use it and that it works. In an effort to show seriousness on saving lives, the opposition tabled a motion for Ivermectin to be used, but the motion was rejected by the ruling party.

In their endorsement of the medicine, Botswana Doctors Union noted that they have “studied the scientific data and rational views of their recommendations and those of others on the incorporation of Ivermectin in the management of Covid-l9.”

In their support of Ivermectin use, Botswana Doctors Union stated:

1. The evidence that supports the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the recovery of Sars-2-Cov patients is irrefutable and it is available.

2. Safe and open prescribing practices by licensed clinicians help ensure appropriate drug stewardship and patient safety.

3. Drug regulation, abuse, and adverse effects can be adequately monitored.

4. In addition to vaccination efforts, altemative treatments can further serve to alleviate morbidity and prevent mortality.

5. However small the impact may be, a life salvaged is a life saved, and that is significant.

6. Human-dosed Ivermectin has a profound safety profile, which is unlikely to reach toxicity levels if used correctly.

7. Of note, it is important to accept the unequivocal fact that Ivermectin β€˜and other animal-based formularies of the ivermectin drug family are already being unsafely administered and illegally traded by the population nationwide.

8. Studies can be carried out concurrently. whilst we are sure of having covered all bases as far as management and treatment of Sars-2-Cov.

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