“Botswana is not his playground.” -UDC

Khato Civils Chairman, Simbi Phiri has received a hot backlash from the main opposition coalition, Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). The party is not pleased with some remarks made by Phiri about the opposition.

Phiri was heard during his address at the Masama-Mmamashia project completion ceremony throwing accusations at the media and opposition. Khato Civils founder accused the media and the opposition of spreading propaganda against the project and his company.

Responding to Phiri’s remarks, Moeti Mohwasa, UDC’s Head of Communications, pointed a finger at Phiri for meddling into the political affairs. According to Mohwasa, as a professional, Mr. Phiri should know his limits. The UDC views Phiri’s words as “reckless, irresponsible, mischievous, and divisive”.

“Phiri claims to be some reputable businessman and he thus should know where and when to open his mouth. As he feasts on irregularly awarded tender profits, he should do so silently. Batswana detest foreign business interests that think they can polute our national Institutions such as Parliament. Botswana is not his playground. Phiri must stick to preparing to start repairs to his substandardwork and leave Botswana national politics. ” charged UDC.

UDC says it is duty bound to ensure that the public coffers are not solicited, and hold the rulers accountable. The UDC demands answers on “why and how a P470m project, leap frogged to P790m and finally P900m as was the case with Masama pipeline.”

Meanwhile, the opposition has warned Phiri against agreeing to be used by the ruling party. The UDC says the consequences will be dire if Phiri continues with unpleasant remarks against the opposition.

“We know that Phiri has been sent by his BDP handlers to utter such words. As they struggle under packs of lies paddled by the highest office in the country to the extreme under delivery of the 2019 promises, the BDP is desperate for endorsement. Who is best to delver such? Phiri. This is because he is a major beneficiary who feels emboldened to poke his nose where it does not belong. We will soon be forced to unleash our fight on him. We will hit hard, so hard that his political handlers wil be compelled to step outside to find out why he is wailing. They will find him bruised!” Mohwasa warned.

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