Botswana Is The 3rd Most Competitive Economy In Africa

When it comes to business, we as a country are slowly moving up the ranks. Botswana is surely one of the few shining examples of the African success stories. Next to South Africa and Mauritius, Botswana is the 3rd most competitive economy in Africa. We have moved one position up, and took Rwanda’s spot. A competitive market is a vibrant and growing one.


Known as an economy bolstered by its diamond industry, we are still recovering from the financial global downturn that wiped out 30% of the sector.Β Botswana posts a top-10Β score globally for the stability of its macroeconomic environment. It also boasts relatively strong rankings on institutions and labour market efficiency.

OurΒ diamond-rich country enjoys stable economic growth, consistently ranks near the top of international anti-corruption measures, and remains untouched by the political instability that has roiled so many African nations.

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