Botswana Trade Portal To Improve Cross-Border Trade

A web-based platform, the Botswana Trade Portal, which will be a repository of all cross-border trade information is ready for use. This website has been specifically developed to assist all importers and exporters (traders) wishing to move goods or merchandise across the borders of Botswana.


The trade portal also has an objective of making it easier for traders and investors to understand, navigate and comply with regulatory requirements associated with exporting and importing. This web-based tool was intended to helping Botswana to fully comply with its international obligations at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) level.

It is recommended that, if you are in the business of international trading either within or outside Botswana or for that matter anyone who is travelling to/from Botswana. You register as a Member which will entitle you to additional services such as subscriptions to newsletters, tariff alerts, etc. and any new information that is likely to affect your business or alternatively your travels.

The website was launched by the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) in partnership with the World Bank which funded it to the tune of US$600 000 (P7 million).

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