Call For Submission Of Youth Proposals Applications For BAITS Cafe Across The Country

The Ministry of Agricultural Development & Food Security in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment Sport & Culture Development invites Batswana youth aged 18-35 years interested in Agriculture for the setup of BAITS café. Botswana Animal Information & Traceability System (BAITS) is a computer based system used for livestock identification using dual ear tagging and documentation of each animal welfare and residence status, movements between holdings as well as its removal from the system after slaughter and or export. The above services have been provided by Government through the Department of Veterinary Services. The intention is to now outsource such services to the youth as an Enterprise Development Programme. Services to be provided by the BAITS Cafe includes but are not limited to permit application, tagging, data capture, holding registration, data correction & clocking activity register.
MOA will provide a minimum package to kick start the business which entails office space, computers, internet connection, office furniture, project marketing, public education, training and mentorship services. MYSC will be responsible for selection of the youth to take up on the project, monitoring and provision of support services. The first phase of the project for the financial year 2017/18 covers opening of 60 BAITS café around the country. Locations for selection of an area can be sourced from the nearest Department of Veterinary Services and MYSC offices.
Proposal Notice
Youth are required to submit business proposals:
• Outlining preferred locality for operation of the café
• Choice of locality should be restricted to one extension area from attachment 1 & 2.
• Proposal should provide business financial viability using;
o Number of livestock as indicated against the selected extension area as provided in attachment 1
o Cash flow projections should be linked to BAITS activities, charge rates as well as the livestock census provided in attachment 1 & 3.
• All other necessary business documents, including statement of commitment.
• Attachment 1, 2 & 3 can be collected from any Veterinary Offices and Youth Centers around the Country.
Eligibility criteria
A bidder whose bid does not meet all the mandatory requirements stipulated below will be disqualified and not evaluated further:
• Business plan for a three year project on lease term
• Botswana citizens aged 18-35 years
• Out-of-school-youth
• Unemployed youth
• Underemployed youth
• A Partnership of young people or a youth cooperative
• A legally registered business/company/cooperative that is owned by young citizens
Proposal Requirements
• Knowledge and experience of Information Technology will be an added advantage.
• Attach all the necessary documents such as but not limited to ID copies, references, academic & vocational certificates, company documents, curriculum vitae, cash flow projections/statements etc.
• All nominated youth beneficiaries will have to sign a memorandum of agreement detailing the lease period and other project requirements.
• Applications that do not comply with the requirements will be disqualified and only shortlisted individuals/companies will be contacted.
For any clarifications please contact Ndubo Ndubo at Tel +267 3689629, e-mail [email protected] or Calistus Bodilenyane at 3689150, e-mail: [email protected].
Closing date for submission is: 20th October 2017 at 1400hrs. Submissions received after the closing date and time will not be considered. Telephonic, telex, facsimile or electronic mail submissions will NOT be considered.

Submissions should be in sealed envelopes with one original and two copies either hand delivered or posted to Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports & Culture Development, Private Bag 00514, Gaborone, plot 54372 Y2K Building CBD, Second floor Office 206 Tel: 3937459/3682680.

Sealed envelope should be labelled: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO ESTABLISH BAITS CAFÉ

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