The job market is getting flooded with people who are over-qualified for the few available jobs, making it even more difficult for those without experience.

So if you are fresh out of college or have never been fortunate to get that needed experience for your dream Job, here are some PRACTICAL THINGS you can START TO DO NOW to compete with more experienced professionals.

  1. VOLUNTEER- Every employer wants an experienced staff, but how do the inexperienced get that highly needed experience? Through volunteerism. Ask your uncle if you can come and utilize your skills in his business., even if he doesn’t pay you. Your future job will pay you for the skills gained. And if you don’t want to volunteer with family or friends, there are online volunteer sites where you can register and be matched to existing volunteer opportunities. this will also give you the advantage of working with international cross-cultural teams virtually. Check out the United Nations Volunteers website ( https://www.unv.org/) as a starting point.
  2. ORGANIZE PROJECTS – During the Pandemic i teamed up with other health professionals to conduct health awareness in churches and communities. After the exercise, I realized that the experience was a bonafide achievement that could help me get related jobs, so guess where I nested it on my CV/Resume? You bet, PROJECTS. So, have you done any projects for your community, Church, or school? The skills you acquire are transferable to similar jobs and employers will recognise you for your leadership and creativity.
  3. JOIN A PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION – Becoming an ACTIVE member of a professional association provides you with ample opportunities to lead or participate in projects. you can also serve in committees or Executive positions. Your activism will get you noticed, broaden your network, and bring you closer to the industry insiders who will be willing to overlook your lack of experience in favor of your valuable contribution to the association.
  4. START FREELANCING – This is close to volunteerism, but in this case you are an independent agent and you charge a fee for your work. Freelancing can also give you some much needed experience and income in the absence of a full time job. If you have a skill that you can monetize independently, e.g Technical writing, Legal services, or designing, you should be Freelancing at sites like Upwork (https://www.upwork.com)

So, if you are looking for your first job or starting a new career, don’t feel discouraged if you lack experience. These are a few of the many ways you can overcome this obstacle, update your CV, and use the experience to your advantage.

Remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Use your CV as a way to show your potential and highlight your unique qualifications and creativity. With the right attitude and a little perseverance, you will land that dream Role

To your SuccessπŸ™πŸ½- Through The Lens of a Graduate

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