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Chengeta initiatives; scam or legit?

It has been over a year now since Ndinaye Chengeta started farming initiatives, and it seems the controversy attracted is far from repelling.

A local renowned Facebook commentator, known as Trinahr, opened a can of worms once again today commenting on the issue. A few moments after posting his opinion, a controversial pastor, and entrepreneur- Kemmonye Sekati came to Chengeta’s defense.

In his doubt to Chengeta’s initiatives, Trinahr said the farming initiatives, hosted at Chengeta’s farm does not make business sense to him. According to Trinahr, Chengeta might be using the initiatives for his secret selfish reasons.

“The initiatives didn’t make business sense to me. The business model was never clear. When he started being over defensive and sometimes playing victim, I felt there is more in the background than what is in everyone’s eyes. Then he started playing a celebrity farmer, that’s when I joined the dots. I saw a man building his profile for something else. I saw a man using the gullible to develop his land. I saw the gullible bank rolling a man. I saw the man in the future bringing out the profile and seeking for a seat in that house. Yes that house that I don’t want to talk about. I saw a lot…” Trinahr suggested.

According to Trinahr, the only thing that Chengeta talks about is output of the initiatives, and inviting people to join, but never talks about the returns. “To say 20 000 eggs were produced in a week sounds catchy. But if there are 300 investors behind the 20 000 it translates to an individual investor having about 6 eggs a week. 6 eggs a week relates to 1 laying hen per investor.This is what you should pay more attention to. Does keeping 1 hen make business sense? Does the subscription amount and 1 hen make business sense to you?” he wondered.

On the contrary, Sekati says Chengeta should not waste his time explaining anything to the doubters who have not invested in any of the initiatives. Sekati went further to explain that farming takes long time to bear fruits, and as such critics are premature. Furthermore, Sekati mentioned that each business, like investment, has risks.

“This is business, it’s not a society, it’s neither a church choir! The people who invested as well should not annoy us, one assumes they know with every business there are risks! And they would have done enough research on their investments. Like every business, or investment, things can go wrong, and they will go wrong, just the other day Coca Cola lost $4 billion in a day, an entire Coca Cola with all the human resources behind it!” Sekati exclaimed.

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