Chiefs vs Rollers Play-Offs To Decide League Champions

Well with this year’s league championship tittle, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. On a rare twist of events the Botswana Premier League may just be decided with another game.Β This came a reality after the National Disciplinary Committee of the Botswana Football Association announced their ruling on Monday.


Crowned 2015/16 champions, Mochudi Centre Chiefs had appealed a decision of the lower judicial structure.Β Chiefs wanted the 10 points deducted from Township Rollers to be inforced.Β Through a verbal ruling, NDC-Chairman, Muller Keganne explained that they had made a ruling based on the play rules and regulations.Β The powers that be have put inΒ order for a play-off to be fixtured in the next 10 days. This will determine the final log standing. Rollers have forfeited three points and two goals to Miscellaneous and Chiefs.

1.Mochudi Centre Chiefs: 30 >>: 64 Points
2.Township Rollers: 30 >>: 63 Points

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