Over the past few weeks there has been reports of escalating Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) positive cases is schools, with some going on lockdown to try arrest the spread of the virus.

By the look of the situation, this condition is not unique to a specific region or district, but rather it is widespread across the country. Though earlier on high numbers were recorded at Okavango, Matshekge in Bobirwa region and Matsha in Kgalagadi has since joined the bandwagon.

At Okavango, Gowa Junior school has recorded over two hundred and ninety cases (290) positive cases, in the same region, Shakawe Junior school recently recorded sixty-four (64) positive cases while Shakawe Senior school recorded fifty-eight (58) positive cases.

Moving down to Kgalagadi Matsha college has recorded over one hundred and thirteen (113) positive cases while over two hundred are on quarantine.

In the eastern side of the country, at Bobirwa, Matshekge has confirmed that fifty- eight (58) students have tested positive for COVID-19. Moreover, ten (10) employees including teachers and support staff has also tested positive for the virus.

Revealing the statistics, Botswana Sectors of Educators Trade Union (BOSETU) Secretary General- Tobokani Rari, expressed concern about the spread of the virus and called for virtual classes to be implemented, “as all other institutions go virtual including the Parliament of Botswana because of COVID – 19, the schools / learning institutions should as well go virtual, classes in mainstream schools should be conducted virtually. school connectivity is a necessity and should be a priority. the national budget should reflect it.” he lamented.

The Ministry of Basic Education (MoBE) has recently presented to the nation and circulated a memorandum across the schools in Botswana pertaining measures to follow in order to curb the spread of the virus. By the look of the situation, though an effort was made, it seem not to be working. Most of the citizens has been calling for closure of schools, will we see that being implemented or will we see the implementation of virtual classes? The ball is in Minister Molao’s court

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