“Is it too much to cut down on your flights?” – Amata to Masisi

The Social Media self proclaimed prophet- Prophet Issac Amata has advised His Excellency President Mokgweetsi E.K Masisi to keep off air for the whole of April 2021. Amata says this is a message from God as there is an evil plan devised against President Masisi.

“The lord spoke to me as I was praying, 4th April 2021. The Lord said, ‘there is already now a second six (6) months agenda against a sitting president in Africa. But this time not in East Africa but in the SADC’. The Lord says, ‘speak to the Excellency the President of the nation of Botswana’. When God showed me the revelation of the plane falling from the sky, and I said ‘what is that?’ the Lord said, ‘this is an agenda that is already being programed, a crashing. A plane taking off, but as soon as it successfully takes off, a big problem’. Then the Lord said, ‘The instruction for the leader in this beloved nation should hide himself’, he said, ‘don’t fly for 30 days, keep off air for 30 days.’ April 4th to 30 is the hiding time, cut down the flight. Don’t fly. April is the hiding month, the remaining 5 months when you fly, scrutinize. For April the Lord said, don’t fly at all.” Amata said through a live video.

Meanwhile, President Masisi disregarded the prophecy and flew two days later, on the 6th April. The president flew to Eswatini then to Mozambique, he arrived in the country safely last night on the 8th.

In the view of this, Prophet Amata issued another warning to His Excellency, “The Lord says I ask 3 questions: 1) Is it too much to cut down on your flights, even for the month of April? ; 2) Are you not aware that some wants to cut down your tenure? ; 3) To advisers of the President! Why allowing him to be EXPOSED to the evil plans of detractors? If you say ‘We advised him to keep off for April for 30 days he still chose to’. Then I will finally say to the leader in Botswana; when a true prophet speaks the wise leader listens”

Amata claims the Lord had showed him a six (6) months agenda against the late Tanzanian President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli. He says he was shown Magufuli’s demise but was not permitted to state who the president in question was, so he just said ‘the president in East Africa’.

President Masisi has, of the past few months, became so fond of flying. Many citizens has complained about his flying habit but he seem to be turning a deaf ear. President Masisi has claimed to be a god-fearing man, especially during his campaign ahead of 2019 general elections, he was seen in numerous churches donating bibles. Will this ‘God-fearing’ President be wise and listen to the ‘true prophet’?

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