Dipsy Urges Premier League Players To Stop Playing Sunday League Football.

In an open status to premier league players, soccer veteran Diphetogo Dipsy Selolwane did not mince his words when he spoke about the disadvantages of playing Sunday league football on the side. It can only take someone of his caliber and experience to make upcoming talent see reason.

“It’s 2017, can contracted premier league players stop playing Sunday league football. You are not adding any value or gaining anything from playing with your so called friends. When you break your leg or get injured none of them is going to pay your salary and medical bills,” he said.

He continues to outline that it’s difficult already being a footballer in Botswana and this makes things worse. “Clubs mistreat you guys ka bomo cause ga le itseye serious,” Dipsy concluded. This seems to be a big concern in our football fraternity, such that sports journalist Tshepo Molwane also had this to say on his personal account, “I fail to understand why Premier League players continue to play Sunday Social football.”

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